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AP Veterinary Assistant Syllabus
Current Affairs – Regional, National, International , International Relations and Events , General Science – Achievements in Science and Technology , Environmental Issues; Disaster Management- Prevention and Mitigation Strategies , Economic and Social Development of India & Telangana , Socioeconomic, Political and Cultural History of Telangana , Society, Culture, Heritage, Arts and Literature of Telangana , Logical Reasoning; Analytical Ability and Data Interpretation , Basic English.
Livestock Management
Common Terms Used in Animal Husbandry , Demography of Livestock , Housing, Handling, Restraining , Being, Breeding, Feeding , Caring of Different Age Groups of Different Species of Animals , Routine Farm Practices of Livestock and Poultry , Quality Maintenance of Livestock , Fodder Production and Anagement , Maintenance of Labor, Accounts and Farm Records.
Animal Nutrition
Nutritional Terms and Definitions , Classification & Composition of Feeds and Fodders Including Forest Grasses , Antinutritional Factors and Toxins in Feeds and Fodders.
Animal Breeding and Genetics
Breeding of Important Species of Zoo/Wild Animals , Breeding Livestock for High Performance and Disease Resistance , Nature of Dnaand Rna-Their Models , Applications of Recombinant Dna Technology , Principles of Genetics.
Veterinary Anatomy, Physiology, And Biochemistry
Gross Study of Bones, Joints, Muscles of a Skeleton , Mechanism of Respiration , General Functions of Blood and its Constituents , Hormonal Control of Lactogenesis , Environmental Factors Affecting Animal Production.
Veterinary Microbiology, Pathology & Pharmacology
Etiology, Morphology, Life Cycle , Transmission, Pathogenesis, Symptoms , Organs/Tissues/Cells of Immune System , Infection & Immunity; Type and Grades of Immunity , Serological Reactions and Modern Diagnostic Techniques.
Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health
Environmental Hygiene , a Role of the Veterinarian in the Public Health , Livestock Products and by-Products About Public Health , Legislation and International, National Food Safety Standards , Socio-Economic Impact of Zoonotic Diseases in India , Control of Environmental Pollutants.
Veterinary Medicine
Diagnosis and Treatment of Various Clinical Manifestations of Animals , Animal Welfare and Ethics , Common Offenses Against Animals, Spca , Animal Welfare Board of India, Ngos , Laws Relating to Offenses Affecting Public Health.
Veterinary Extension and Animal Husbandry
Livestock Farming Systems in Rural India , Improved A , H , Practices-Rural Upliftment , Communication Technologies , Livestock Economics, Marketing and Business Management , Livestock Contribution to National Economy.